Proof - (2.Way)


2. Way: It forms itself. (The basis of the evolution theory is included in this category)

There are even more predicaments and dead ends in this way. We think three of them will be more than enough.


First Dead End:

First of all it is a good idea to analyze what this expression “it forms itself” means. In this expression, when we ask to the verb of the sentence (“to form”) the question of “who forms what?”, surprisingly we see that the subject and  the object of the sentence is common.  Who forms it?  “It”. Okay then it forms what? “It”. I mean the artist and the art is the same thing. Let's ask a couple of question to our interlocutor;  How did this table come into being?  “A carpenter has made it.”  Who build this house? “The architect.”  What about this little housefly? “Itself.”I think the case is now clearer. Yes, I know you wonder what kind of an intelligence can accept this delusion. 

When you ask them  “Who wrote this letter?”  they will just point the pen, even if they know the gap that the question of “But who is holding the pen?” would leave.

Let's take a look at the human body at a very short. There are known to be 70 trillion cells in a human body except the brain cells.  All of these 70 trillion cells are replaced or renewed in avery 6 months. In addition, our bodies  are connected to all universe. We breathe air every moment,  the sun sends rays and heat every second, all the things we eat and drink become a part of our body in coordination with body systems. Now let's stop here and think. 70 trillion cells with numerous atoms acts like they see this relationship with the universe  and move according to it. “The air is coming I should take proper position,  I should take what I need and direct it to the related units, then I should throw away what is harmful to me in a safe way.

Imagine a bag full of water. As a result of  a tiny hole  or scratch, the water will begin to empty slowly  and continue until there is no water in the bag. We are like blood-filled bags. But whenever a scratch or a wound starts to bleed, immediately little platelets begin to weave  a wall and the blood flow stops quickly. What if this system did not exist? The smallest scratch would be enough us to die. Those who live with hemophilia will understand better. By the way hemophilic blood coagulates late,  it doesn't mean no clot at all. That is just one example of  how carefully  the atoms of our body  are moving  against the effects of the outside world.

Another astonishing point is that despite the big change in the body, nothing is deteriorated  and everything remains same. We talked about the regeneration of 70 trillion cells of the body in every 6 months. In this case, I am completely materially different person from the 6 months before me. So, how is it possible that everything remains unchanged?  An old friend that I haven't talked for ten years recognizes my voice on the phone. Yet my body is renewed 20 times at this period. Or, on the contrary, if we consider the way forward, even the atoms of our grandchildren may show very similar features to us.  The eyes, hair or body structure can be exactly the same. Today we say “genetic” as an answer. Is it that simple? Who taught, this genetic codes to the atoms? What makes them memorized? In response, can the atoms themselves be given?

So, if the atoms are the ones who do this, incredible job, then each atom need to see the whole body and  the whole universe and  they need to know the past and the future generations. So they can move precisely and accordingly. To claim that an atom has such a great mind requires to be mindless.


Second Dead End:

“Human being resembles a thousand-domed wondrous palace in which the stones stand together in suspension and without support. Indeed, your being is a thousand times more wonderful than such a palace, for the palace of your being is being renewed continuously in perfect order. Leaving aside your truly wonderful spirit, heart and other subtle faculties, each member of your body resembles a single-domed part of the palace. Like the stones of a dome, the particles stand together in perfect balance and order.”

Domes are much more magnificent structures than they look and there are serious mathmetics and physics calculations behind them. Specialist architects and engineers know this vey well. The stones of a dome stands head to head and they lock each other. Each stone is the cause of the other stones next to it to stand. So if you pull a single stone from the dome, it will make a domino effect and eventually as a result of the chain reaction the dome will collapse. Because every stone of the dome is a base for the next stone and so for the dome.

Now , if we do not give the building job of the dome to a specialist architect and give it to the dome itself and if these stones were not each officials dependent on the command of the architect , then each stone would have to be both absolutely dominant over all the other stones in the dome and absolutely subordinate to each of them; and both equal to each and, with regard to its dominant position, opposed; and both the origin and source of most of the attributes that pertain only to the necessarily existent one, and extremely restricted; and both in absolute form, and in the form of a perfectly ordered individual artefact that could only, through the mystery of unity, be the work of the Single One of Unity.

Anyone with even a particle of consciousness would understand what an obvious impossibility this is.

A human is like a thousand times more wonderful than a thousand-domed palace. There is a fact known as irreducible complexity in living things which also is a pain in the neck for evolutionists. Because, according to the theory, evolution is a process which takes place step by step. For example they say “Eye evolved first”. But they have no logical response to the question of “what would an eye do without the system in brain that interpret the visual data?” Or a brain that can interpret the visual data without an eye is useless. What about the neural system? If it doesn't exist the others are still useless. So you get the idea. Everything must exist at same time to be consider as useful. Certain biological systems are too complex to have evolved from simpler, or "less complete" predecessors, through natural selection acting upon a series of advantageous naturally occurring, chance mutations. These systems only can be result of  intelligent design.

So, proceeding from the eye, if we believe that “the eye formed itself” then we have to accept that each atom in the eye would have to be both absolutely dominant over all the other atoms in the body (Because, every other vital organs and systems are necessary  for vision ) and absolutely subordinate to each of them. (Because, in the same way the eye is required for the  other parts of the body)

Suppose a military troop of 500 soldiers. It is an interesting troop that, each of the 500 soldiers are commanders of the other 499 soldiers and give them orders. At the same time these 500 soldiers are peons of other 499 soldiers and receives orders from them. Is it possible to expect a proper job done in such a troop? Whereas a single commander can easily command not only 500 soldiers but also 500 thousand soldiers. Just like that, if all these wonderful things in the body is not given to a single god then you have to accept trillions of Gods in the body and you have to give a great knowledge, strength, intelligence, consciousness and power to every and each atom.

This magnificent order and tight relationship of atoms exist in all universe. Everything in the universe is in a very close relationship despite they look far away from one another. The existence of the mosquito eye is related to spinning of the sun. The earth needs a 23° slope for the life of an ant. So one can say  that whoever created a mosquito's eye, created the sun. Whoever can make one single atom, can build the solar system. The one can not create a single cell can not create anything.


Third Dead End:

If it is claimed that the cosmos and everything in it created themselves, then there have to be thousands of molds and patterns for thousands of atoms and cell types in the cosmos. For example a letter indicates the pen of one writer and his knowledge.  But if that letter is not attributed to its writer’s pen, and if it is said that it exists of its own accord or it is ascribed to Nature, then there have to be iron patterns for each character of that letter, such as a printed book in a print shop. There are many copies of iron characters and letters of the whole alphabet in a print shop. That iron characters are aligned side by side to print each page of the book again and again.  Instead of a single pen, we need iron patterns as many as the number of caharacters in one page. Now, let's get it a little more harder. As may be seen, sometimes a whole page is written in a single large letter from among those letters with a small pen in fine script. So, what if different books are written in every character of a page with very tiny letters ?  A thousand pens would be necessary for one letter.

Rather, if it took the form of your body, with all its components one within the other in concentric circles, (atoms, cells, tissues, organs) there would have to be printing-blocks in each circle, for each component, to the number of the combinations that they form.

Now, see, if you claim this, which involves a hundred impossibilities, to be possible, then again if they are not attributed to a single pen, for those well-ordered, artistic pieces of type, faultless printing-blocks and iron pens to be made, further pens, printing-blocks and letters to the same number as themselves would be necessary. And they too would have to have been made; and they too would have to have been well-ordered and artistically fashioned. And so on. It would carry on in succession and infinitum.

After proving the impossibility of this second way, let's say a few words about the theory of evolution which is based on this second way. Yes, if you look at the basis of evolution, you will see chance events, coincidences, and beings which are created by themselves. The evolutionists believes that the first amino acids came into being as a result of lightning and volcanic eruptions (blind, deaf and mindless causes again) presuming that early atmosphere is consisted of methane, ammonia, hydrogen and water vapor.(Miller-Urey experiment) They claim that proteins, nucleic acids and even the cell may be formed in such an environment. However, scientific developments revealed that early atmosphere is consisted of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. So Miller's experiment and their theory of first vitality fell into the water. For more information on this subject, have look at the "Article". Moreover, there were such gases in the atmosphere, occurence of a protein or a nucleic acid  in that environment by chance is beyond probability. We believe that probability of occurence of a single hemoglobin by chance, which is calculated in our "Gaye" page, is enough to illuminate this issue. But I want to give one more example in order to consolidate. The probability of a monkey to type a single 10-letter word in a language which has 30-letter alphabet is 1/590.490.000.000.000.   Now, if we consider that there are 10 quadrillions of atoms in a cell, the probability of arrangement of one cell in correct order is the dictionary meaning of the word “impossible”.

Before Darwin, Lamarck, known as the father of evolutionism, did not think evolution contradicts the existence of a creator. He thought that evolution is a system of the nature created by the creator. In contrast,  darwin used this theory as the basis for unbelief.  Today, those who are with the Darwinism are the people who cling it on behalf of atheism. Infact if you look at them carefully, you will notice that it is not a path from evolution to atheism, it is a path from atheism to evolution. It is almost became the last twig to hold on for dear life for them. But very unfortunately, this rotten twig was not strong enough to save them.

It is possible to write here hundreds of evidences showing the theory of evolution is completely disproved. That much is written already and everybody can easily access these resources. You can reach several of these resources from our “Recommended Sites” section. Because we are not dealing with a single theory here and we are breaking down the basis and backbones of all the denial theories, we will be content with refuting the indispensable part of evolutionism which is explained in the third dead end.

    3. Way (Nature)




"There are two sorts of unbelief and misguidance. Non-acceptance is one thing and denial is something quite different. Non-acceptance is indifference, a closing of the eyes to something, an ignorant absence of judgement, an abdication, and the absence of acceptance. It may mask many completely impossible things and the mind does not concern itself with them.

As for denial, it is a judgement of the mind and pertains to belief. The mind is compelled to work. It does not only deny belief, but opens up a way that is the opposite of it. It is the acceptance of what is false and invalid, the proof of the reverse of truth. This is not only the denial and refutation of belief, it is its opposite. It is not non-acceptance, but the acceptance of non-being, and can only be accepted through proving non-existence. In accordance with the rule “Non-existence cannot be proved,” it is certainly not easy to prove it."







"It can be realized from this comparison how easy it is to make a positive affirmation and how difficult to make a denial and negation. If, for example, someone should say, "there exists somewhere on this earth a wondrous garden containing canned milk," and someone else should say, "there is not," the affirmer need only point to the place of that garden or show some of its fruits in order to prove his claim. The denier, by contrast, will have to inspect and display the whole world in order to justify his negation."