Direct Proof


First of all, we would like to draw your attention to a crucial subject.  In fact, it is not shown here something which is very difficult to see. We are not supporting a hoarse voice  which is hard to hear.  Or we are not trying to make closer to mind a complicated thing. On the contrary, there is an obvious truth even the blind can see and there is a strong voice like thunder even the deaf can hear. This is the sound of creatorís existence and it screams the truth non-stop.

In other words he is hidden in the intensity of his manifestation. The fish in the seas  are not even aware of the water.  We often forget about the air that we breath every second. A fish become aware of the sea when it removed from the water. We realize the air when we canít breath. If the liaison between the God and the universe was cut just for a moment we could see how everything would be destroyed, collapsed and how nothing would remain standing.

Everything is known by its opposite. We wouldn't have known the heat if the cold did not exist. We would not be able to understand tall without the short.  We can clearly see  the light  of the sun with the help of the darkness of night. Let's imagine an expanded sun for a moment which covers the entire sky. And let's assume that the rays of this new sun can pass through everything. So, basically there is no darkness or a shadow. Just a continuous and an uninterrupted bright. Now, how could one possibly know what is dark or darker or even what is bright or light?  We simply  wouldn't notice the most obvious thing which is surrounding us nonstop.

Just like that; there is nothing like the creator or the opposite of him. His existence is eternal in the past and the future.  His control and manifestation is uninterrupted. He is the most obvious thing in front of  the eyes. But unfortunately the people  immersed in heedlessness, can't strip away the veil of their habits or assumptions and fail to see the dazzling sun.

Therefore, what we are trying to do here is; to strip away that veil of heedlessness, to break down the habits, to demolish the blinding routine and show how extraordinary the events are that appear to be ordinary. We will try to demonstrate how the creator show us himself behind every single thing in the universe.

It is often viewed as a miracle when a two-headed baby or a three-legged cow born. However the millions of real miracles are missed and ignored  every second blindly. The real miracle is the creation of a normal baby with a gorgeous body from a water droplet , the integration of  his/her perfect systems and  organs in the most appropriate  form from millions of failure possibilities. The real miracle is; how come a cow, which does not have a slightest consciousness and eat nothing but grass, can make a fantastic thing like milk  which is impossible to produce even if all humanity comes together. 

Just for watching a solar eclipse more clearly, people are leaving their counrty with great enthusiasm and filling the hotels where the eclipse can be seen best and setting up observatories.  But it is hard to see the same amount of excitement in people thinking how the sun sends us the light and heat which are essential for life  from 150 million kilometers away in a spectacularly adjusted order and critically sensitive measure.

So all we need is to tear off the veil of routine,  to look carefully, to see the wonderful harmony and order in the universe, to notice the novelty in ordinary seeming things and read the signature of the greatest artist on these beautiful arts.

In order to do this right, first, it is essential to see the impossibility of being by chance, by nature or by causes. Because this issue is clearly proved in indirect proof section, we refer this subject to there.

Another important issue is to understand that the existence of God can be known but the the true nature of himself is unknowable.  If we consider that we don't even completely discover ourselves yet, it is obvious that human mind can not know the nature of its creator. Neither the eye sees everything, nor the ear hears every sound, nor the mind understands everything.  Mind is created by God and it, as all created things, is limited. Moreover, the mind is incapable of understanding itself. Mankind hasn't found answers to many questions related to the operation of the mind yet. But it is also a very thought-provoking fact that any mind does not doubt its existence although it doesn't know the nature of itself. So, the existence of it is certain but the nature is unknown.

Just as in the case of mind, the existence of God is certain, but our limited mind is incapable of understanding the nature of his infinite perfection. The products of created things like eye, ear, tongue and mind  will be a created thing at best. So, with these limited devices given to us, whatever we imagine or guess about the essence of God, will be certainly other than and apart from God.

It must be stated here that, there is a crowd which  believes just what they see, feel or touch. But the hands of their pseudo-science will never reach the point what they expected from the science.Their minds are almost attached to their eyes.  Whereas their certainty about the presence of their unseen minds put them into a great contradiction with themselves.  Likewise , they believe the existence of the law of gravity, buoyancy of the water and many other things. However none of them are not seen nor heard. Reason to believe in the existence of these laws is due to the discover of the effects, outcomes and consequences of these laws. They use the method of argument a posteriori  to accept the existence of these laws which we have explained in the METHOD page.   But when we use the same method to go  from the art to the artist, from building to the architect, from the fabulous creations to the perfect creator, they simply deny it. There has  always been people in history who closed their eyes against the sun and we very well know that they will exist now and in the future.  There is nothing else we can do for them except our wishes to open their eyes for the truth. The one who closes his eyes is able to turn day into night only for himself.

Question: So, can't we have any knowledge about God other than understanding and knowing the existence of him?

It is true that we can not have knowledge about the essence of God. But we can get to know about him by the help of his names, attributes and the reflections of his manifestations in the universe. In this section we will try to show him by reading his works and acts in the universe and we will connect them to his names and attributes.

To be continued...



"Indeed, since beings exist and this cannot be denied, and since each being comes into existence in a wise and artistic fashion, and since each is not outside time but is being continuously renewed, then, O falsifier of the truth, you are bound to say either that the causes in the world create beings, for example, this animal; that is to say, it comes into existence through the coming together of causes, or that it forms itself, or that its coming into existence is a requirement and necessary effect of Nature, or that it is created through the power of One All-Powerful and All-Glorious. Since reason can find no way apart from these four, if the first three are definitely proved to be impossible, invalid and absurd, the way of Divine Unity, which is the fourth way, will necessarily and self-evidently and without doubt or suspicion, be proved true."